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Jeff's experience in the industry, along with his strong sense of ethics, make him a unique resource.  He sold our Passport 47 in a difficult market and obtained a fair price.  He capably used the market statistics to help us maintain a proper balance between a seller’s expectations and the reality of the market.

We trusted and relied on his years of knowledge and experience and we were not disappointed.  Jeff also referred reliable resources to complete work/improvements on the boat during the sale process and it was clear that he felt his responsibilities were not complete until he had a happy client. 

John & Doris Zonarich on Jeff Erdmann

I have had the pleasure of serving on the F.Y.B.A Board of Directors with Jeff Erdmann for 3 years and Jeff deserves not just a recommendation or endorsement, but outright applause for his hard work and his ethics are beyond reproach. His efforts and diligence regarding implementation of the Florida legislative amendment of the tax code to institute the sales tax cap of $18,000 on vessel sales was nothing short of tireless. Thanks to his direction and vision, boat purchasers in the State of Florida pay less and the Department of Revenue reaps more net revenue annually. I know Jeff to be very knowledgeable in the brokerage field and have had nothing but good experiences with him.

Paul Flannery on Jeff Erdmann

Jeff is a fact based executive who worked tirelessly to achieve passage of the sales tax bill on boat purchases in the Florida legislator. He is passionate about working on behalf of the marine industry and would enjoy being part of a committee again with Jeff. He has my full support for the legislative affairs chair position.

John Mann on Jeff Erdmann

Jeff provided the technical expertise, unwavering dedication and commitment to a challenging state tax policy legislative issue. His leadership was pivotal in the ultimately successful passage of the sales tax cap on yacht sales. Jeff was able to understand and navigate the legislative process and present the marine industry to policymakers, staff and the Administration--raising the profile of FYBA and the role it can play within the broader marine industry and Florida's economy.

Mark Bailey on Jeff Erdmann

Jeff's efforts to achieve a tax cap on the sales of brokerage boats in Florida have been remarkable. His tenacity, coupled with a sharp mind and tireless energy, assured the success of his team's efforts in Tallahassee. Jeff is to be highly recommended for his outstanding leadership in this effort which will ultimately generate millions of revenue dollars for the State of Florida and for the marine industry of which we are both part of.

David Parkinson on Jeff Erdmann