British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

In the West Indies lies a group of magnificent islands called the Leeward Islands. The Leeward Islands are home to some of the most beautiful islands that Mother Nature has created. They are filled with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and pristine tropical wildlife. 



Tortola is the largest British Virgin Island and is known for its shimmering beaches that stretch for miles and quaint towns tucked alongside the coves. Amongst Tortola’s sharp peaks and hillsides, you’ll find an abundance of activities just waiting for you to explore. Soper’s Hole is perfect for a beachside lunch or simply follow your nose as the wafting aromas of an authentic island BBQ at the Jolly Roger Inn float by. Get lost in the melodic bamboula drumming circle or go shopping in quaint market streets like Main Street, the choices are endless. There is plenty to see and uncover from this beautiful island, with alluring streets lined with brightly colored British colonial houses.


Jost Van Dyke

The pale blue ocean is the perfect indicator that you’ve made it to another paradise destination. Jost Van Dyke has a mixed packet of colorful beaches, so pick your favorite and wash it down with a local Caribbean rum. Find Foxy’s Bar, a famous watering hole that attracts sailors and islanders from all over the world and perhaps Foxy himself will be there, playing his guitar, entertaining and telling stories.


Long Bay, Tortola

Head back to Tortola, this time its north-western shores, where the island’s best beaches are found. Drop anchor at Smugglers Cove or Cane Garden Bay for white sand and picture-perfect views. Spend the afternoon having fun in the water.


Norman Island

With a kaleidoscope of marine life to be discovered, it is no wonder that these caves inspired the classic novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Just around the corner from the world famous Norman Island Caves, is The Bright, our next anchor point. This is a tremendous snorkeling spot where you can venture deep into the many natural caves and perhaps find sunken pirate treasure! Whether you decide to grab Caribbean themed drinks and food at Pirate’s Bright Restaurant, go underwater and see the colorful coral and marine life or keep your head above board and admire the exotic birds, you are guaranteed to come home with plentiful stories and tales!


Virgin Gorda

Spend your fifth and sixth day at Virgin Gorda is home to ‘The Baths’ a series of beachside boulders that form a series of warm pools and grottoes. Don’t forget your camera as the granite and grottoes. Don’t forget your camera as the granite boulders and palm trees create a radiant backdrop and a spa-like setting. Spend the day sunbathing on the rocks, swimming in the magical cerulean water or hit the waves with some kiteboarding or surfing.


Virgin Gorda

After a jam-packed day of fun in the sun, you can visit the north end where several surrounding islands including Mosquito, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock and Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard are located.


Salt Island

After visiting so many sweet places, it’s time to try something different, perhaps something salty? Salt island received its name from the two salt ponds that fill up with seawater and then dry out, leaving behind a salt crust around the pond’s rim. Back in the day, the locals would bag this salt up and sell it to the passing boats,
but today there are no permanent residents, ensuring total privacy and peace whilst you visit.



Wake in the morning and enjoy one last swim before heading back to Beef Island, Tortola for disembarkation at noon.