Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“He constantly stayed in touch…”

This letter is in reference to Peter Quintal. We searched for the perfect boat for over a year doing business with multiple brokers.

Peter is unlike most other brokers. He truly gets on your side.

He gets to know you and finds out what it is you really want in a boat. Sometimes perceiving what you yourself do not know. As finicky and exacting as we were, he never lost patience and demonstrated an extraordinary stamina in conducting multiple searches over a great period time, until he ultimately found the perfect boat for us.

However, what we found extraordinary about Peter was his conduct after the sale was completed. He stayed in the picture helping us with modifications and improvements of the boat, and searching until he found the right marina for us. He constantly stayed in touch to make sure that there was nothing more he could do to make us comfortable.

I cannot recommend Peter too highly. I would be happy to elaborate further about Peter’s talents and conscientiousness to anyone who wishes to contact me.

Norman Berris // Beverly Hills, California // 70 Viking/Princess Owner on Peter Quintal