Visiting From Europe?

My wife and I had a very good experience purchasing our sailboat with Jeff Erdmann. He was very thorough. Every question we had was answered, including those only indirectly related to the boat sale. Jeff’s communication skills are admirable. He worked diligently messaging between us and the seller to bring the deal to a close. And his after sale follow up has been excellent. He has provided us we a number of sources so we may effect the necessary upgrades and properly prepare our sailing yacht for travel. I can say my experience with Denison Yachting has been positive and I will happily recommend your organization to others

Ben D. on Jeff Erdmann

I purchased a 55 Beneteau Oceanis with my yacht broker, Jeff Erdmann. I was so happy with all of Jeff’s work on making this deal happen. He went above and beyond what was expected and made the entire process a pleasure. In addition, Jeff’s post-sale assistance in helping me become acquainted with my boat and in assisting me with the maintenance issues that always pop up in the first few months of ownership of a used boat has been extraordinarily beneficial to me and was once again above and beyond what one would expect from a typical yacht broker.

I believe both Jeff and Mathew Morrison are great assets to your company. I can assure you that when it comes time to upsize or downsize, Denison Yachts will be my yacht brokerage of choice and Jeff Erdmann will be my listing agent.

Adam Drisin on Jeff Erdmann

I would like to give you some feedback on two of the most pleasant and hard-working individuals that I had the pleasure to work with.

I’m sure you have heard this many times and I am not telling you anything that you already do not know however, it is important to pass on kudos when one receives excellent customer service.

My yacht broker, Jeff Erdmann goes above and beyond in his communication and follow through to include getting his hands dirty. My only regret was not having Jeff as my primary yacht broker when I first listed “Koukla” over a year ago. Jeff epitomizes outstanding customer service.

Matthew Morrison has been an amazing asset as well going above and beyond throughout the last 15 months, always being there for me as I traveled around the world. 

Jeff and Matthew are truly amazing assets for the Denison brand.


Dean Kostas on Jeff Erdmann
After having my 64' Jeanneau for sale for about one year with little to no interest, I decided to make a change in my broker.  I sought someone who had been in the industry for an extended period and had a proven record of performance. 
Though this process I was introduced to Jeff Erdmann, who immediately gave me very sound advice including moving the boat to a better location for sale, input on pricing and an improved marketing plan which included a couple of boat shows.  Jeff also informed me that it would take approximately six to nine months to complete a sale. Through Jeff's suggestions and involvement, he was able to generate interest in the boat immediately and in fact consummate a transaction in 3 1/2 months with a few potential backup buyers if the deal did not close. 
Jeff was extremely professional, organized and diligent. He kept me very well informed not only on the progress on my vessel but also what he saw in the marketplace.  I think the highest accolade I could pay to Jeff is that I would use him again not only to sell a boat but also in the purchase of one.  
John Palmer on Jeff Erdmann

From day one, working with Jeff Erdmann was something a bit different.  If you are a boater, you most likely have run into brokers who are pretty high on the 'never care to talk to that person again.'  Jeff was different, and it wasn't just that he was attentive and demonstrably conscientious, we were having conversations at a distance, which by most situations, would have made working with a broker a very painful activity.  

Jeff is someplace in Florida in the US and I live on the island of Mallorca, off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean.  After countless emails back and forth, and shedloads of questions from me, Jeff had pretty much impressed me as someone I might want to deal with.  We flew over to the Caribbean (the boat was located in St. Martin) and after seeing the boat for the first time, I contacted Jeff and explained the speed with which I wanted to make all this happen.

Jeff, who to be fair, undoubtedly does have a life, and recognizably does have other clients, explained that my timeline was going to be problematic for him to breakaway and fly down to work all this through.  After another phone call, Jeff worked out how we could buy the boat, whilst at the same time, working with the broker (Jeff), but never actually meeting him face to face.  Within a few days, everything had been worked through and after what seemed at the time to be piles of papers to be signed, I ordered a wire transfer and sailed away on my new boat.  

The big question is whenever one works with a broker is, 'would you recommend this broker to anyone else?  Or even more importantly, would you recommend this broker to a good friend?"  My answer is that I most certainly would.  

James Rieley // Jeanneau Owner on Jeff Erdmann