2021 Heart Walk Fundraiser [American Heart Association]

February 23, 2021 12:10 pm

Support Research That Saves Lives

Denison Yachting is organizing a small fundraiser to raise money to support research that will help fight heart disease and stroke. We are participating in the 2021 Broward Heart Walk, the American Heart Association’s premiere event for raising funds to save lives from this country’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers — heart disease and stroke.

Denison formed a company team so that our brokers, employees, and clients can participate in the Heart Walk and help us reach our fundraising goal by March 14, 2021.

In order to raise the most funds, we’re holding an internal competition to see which office and broker can raise the most money for the Heart Walk. When you donate, you can choose a Denison office, which will support that team’s effort to raise money.

By donating money, your name will be added to a raffle of 9 boating adventures, including fishing, sailing, and even private plane flight over Miami and the Upper Keys. Additionally, if you have a boat or adventure you would like to donate to our raffle please email Bob@denisonyachting.com.

Raffle Prizes

Donate a custom amount of money associated with the raffle prize you want to win:

$25 Gift: Win a Palm Beach Boat Show VIP Package, including 4 tickets, access to VIP Lounge, and free parking. [You + 3 friends].
$30 Gift: Win an afternoon on a sailboat with Dan Nardo in Annapolis, MD [You + 2 friends].
$35 Gift: Win an afternoon on a sailboat with Eric Macklin in Fort Lauderdale, FL [You + 2 friends].
$40 Gift: Win a ‘Dock Like A Pro’ training session w/ Grant Ninneman in Fort Lauderdale, FL [You + 1 friend].
$45 Gift: Win an afternoon boating on Lake Union with Ari Sherr in Seattle, WA [You + 3 friends].
$50 Gift: Win an afternoon on the Pacific Ocean with Will Petersen in Marina del Rey, CA [You + 3 friends].
$55 Gift: Win a 2 hour Jetski tour of Miami with Juno Prudhomm. [You + 1 friend]
$60 Gift: Win a morning fishing trip with Jerry Gilpin in Stuart, FL [You + 2 friends].
$65: Gift: Win a ride in the sky over Miami and the Upper Keys with Kurt Bosshardt on his personal plane [1 person limit].

1. Find Broker / Team Color

BrokerTeam Color
Aderbal CoelhoDenison Blue
Aleks TaldykinDenison WHITE
Alex G. ClarkeDenison ORANGE
Alisha LlewellynDenison BLUE
Andrzej BusDenison BLACK
Andy LandisDenison BLACK
Ari SherrDenison BLUE
Ben FarnboroughDenison BLACK
Bill MarkDenison BLUE
Bill PalmerDenison RED
Bill PetersenDenison WHITE
Bill SlaughterDenison RED
Blake NicholDenison YELLOW
Bob DenisonDenison BLACK
Bob McCannDenison BLUE
Bobby GiancolaDenison GREEN
Bobby NofsingerDenison WHITE
Brandon BarnesDenison GREEN
Brian NoblesDenison GREEN
Brian RagsdaleDenison YELLOW
Britta FjelstromDenison ORANGE
Cheryl GibbsDenison BLACK
Bruce EdwardsDenison RED
Bruce SchattenburgDenison ORANGE
Byron ShirleyDenison BLUE
Chad RobertsonDenison GREEN
Charles BlickleDenison GREEN
Charlie KingDenison GREEN
Chris AshbyDenison RED
Chris CollinsDenison ORANGE
Chris DavesDenison ORANGE
Chris DavisDenison WHITE
Chris EnfieldDenison ORANGE
Chris OllisDenison WHITE
Clive McCartneyDenison BLACK
Dan NardoDenison WHITE
Dave MillettDenison YELLOW
David JohnsonDenison ORANGE
Dean PagniDenison BLACK
Dean StuhlmannDenison GREEN
Denise GeorgeDenison WHITE
Don MargrafDenison ORANGE
Donita CarterDenison WHITE
Drew OfferdahlDenison RED
Eddy DenisonDenison GREEN
Eldon DennisDenison BLUE
Eric BurkeDenison YELLOW
Eric GustafsonDenison GREEN
Eric MacklinDenison BLACK
Erik MayolDenison RED
Eva HiebertDenison ORANGE
Fletcher DavesDenison YELLOW
Fokke de JongDenison YELLOW
Franklin Denison Jr.Denison YELLOW
Fred SchmittDenison RED
Garret AlmeidaDenison RED
Gary HardcastleDenison YELLOW
Gigi GarciaDenison GREEN
Gilles MilonDenison BLUE
Glen AppelbaumDenison WHITE
Grant NinnemanDenison GREEN
Greg ReidingerDenison RED
Gregg SomervilleDenison WHITE
Iliana TheissenDenison BLACK
Jace KizzierDenison YELLOW
Jake GarberDenison YELLOW
Jarrett HiebertDenison ORANGE
Jason SmithDenison BLUE
Jason WaltonDenison GREEN
Jay RhoadesDenison YELLOW
Jay SterrettDenison ORANGE
JD DucanesDenison GREEN
Jean-Marie CabriDenison WHITE
Jeff ErdmannDenison GREEN
Jeff PhillipsDenison RED
Jeff SorgenDenison GREEN
Jeremy FlodenDenison YELLOW
Jerry GilpinDenison YELLOW
Jill MaderiaDenison ORANGE
Jim DragomirDenison GREEN
Jim MurrellDenison GREEN
John ThomsonDenison YELLOW
Jordan PreuszDenison YELLOW
Jorge SaavedraDenison YELLOW
Josh OlsenDenison WHITE
Josh ValoesDenison BLACK
Juno PrudhommDenison BLUE
Justin NystedtDenison WHITE
Justin OnofriettiDenison ORANGE
Kate JonesDenison BLUE
Kathy AzumaDenison BLACK
Keith FarfoneDenison WHITE
Ken DenisonDenison ORANGE
Kevin FrawleyDenison ORANGE
Kim DumasDenison YELLOW
Kit DenisonDenison GREEN
Kurt BosshardtDenison ORANGE
Kurt JermanDenison YELLOW
Kyle DunnDenison YELLOW
Lee HallDenison BLACK
Lily Chinai-SierraDenison BLACK
Lloyd CooperDenison WHITE
Lon BubeckDenison GREEN
Lysandra CoelhoDenison BLUE
Madeline ManciniDenison BLACK
Manny LubyDenison RED
Marc CherubinDenison BLACK
Mari HassanzadehDenison BLACK
Marina NazarioDenison BLACK
Mark KingDenison RED
Mark RossettiDenison WHITE
Mark WhiteDenison BLUE
Marlin SzarfDenison BLACK
Marvin NielsonDenison BLUE
Mason StaringDenison RED
Matthew MorrisonDenison GREEN
Matthew StropesDenison BLUE
Max MurphyDenison RED
Max ParkerDenison YELLOW
Mickey BeldenDenison RED
Mikayla AllenDenison BLACK
Mike BurkeDenison YELLOW
Mike JaphetDenison BLUE
Mike KielyDenison BLUE
Mike MahoneyDenison RED
Mike McNieceDenison WHITE
Morgan BertramDenison YELLOW
Natalia ClarkeDenison ORANGE
Nathan DotsonDenison RED
Nereus DasturDenison BLACK
Nick DukeDenison BLACK
Patrick HopkinsDenison WHITE
Peter ObetzDenison WHITE
Peter QuintalDenison ORANGE
Riccardo SolciDenison BLUE
Richard GlazerDenison BLUE
Rodney RobertsonDenison WHITE
Russ SchaferDenison RED
Scott LacroixDenison ORANGE
Shawn HennesseyDenison RED
Shawn JohnsonDenison YELLOW
Sidney AmbroiseDenison BLUE
Sindy AguirreDenison BLACK
Sonia SpeichDenison BLUE
Spencer MarkatosDenison YELLOW
Steve BeckDenison GREEN
Steve PalazzoDenison RED
Steven CarlsonDenison RED
Thom ConboyDenison ORANGE
Thomas CleatorDenison YELLOW
Tom Hugh-JonesDenison WHITE
Tom MyersDenison RED
Tony SmithDenison RED
Tracy WilliamsDenison BLUE
Will NoftsingerDenison BLUE
Will PetersenDenison WHITE

2. Donate A “Custom” Amount Associated With Raffle Prize You Want To Win

3. Winner To Be Announced March 15

Stay tuned to Denison Yachting Facebook page on Monday, March 15 for an announcement of all raffle winners.

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