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Croatia: Hidden Gems Along the Coastline of the Adriatic Sea

Sarah Nadler | July 25, 2023

Discover the hidden gems of this Mediterranean yacht charter destination.

Croatia is regarded by many as “one of Europe’s most beautiful gardens.” A big reason for this is its stunning national parks along the coast, including Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, and Mljet. Because of the chaotic historical events that took place in Croatia and the interweaving of influences from other cultures, the country is teeming with cultural and historical monuments from years and years ago. Ancient ruins, monuments from the Roman Empire and the early Middle Ages, Romanesque churches, and medieval structures are sprinkled along the Croatian coastline. This beautiful country is an equal mix of beauty, nature, and history.

Some of the crew aboard charter yacht LE VERSEAU in Croatia
Charter Yacht LE VERSEAU in Croatia

Nicolas Fry, Denison’s Charter Management Director in Europe, recently traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia to gain some insight on yacht charters based out of this magnificent location in the Mediterranean this summer, including the likes of charter yachts LE VERSEAU and CORSARIO. “When I was in Croatia, I was impressed by the beauty of the landscapes, the natural light, and the beautiful color of the sea. Discussing with the captain of LE VERSEAU, I understood that there many hidden gems that you can only discover by boat.”

Charter Yacht CORSARIO in Croatia
Charter Yacht CORSARIO

Situated along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is best explored by the water. While the majority of visitors join group tours that include the most “popular” and well-known historical sites and buzz-worthy locations, it is difficult to find the hidden gems of this magnificent coastline that way, especially because the most interesting gems can only be reached by boat. The ideal way to discover these remote, unspoiled locations is on a yacht charter, on a luxury vacation with ease of access and an experienced crew to guide you.

There is an endless amount of islands that can be visited in Croatia and a long list of reasons to visit the breathtaking country. Here, we’ll highlight some of our top island picks, including the islands of Dugi Otok (popularly known as Long Island), the Kornati archipelago, Zlarin, and Olib.

Dugi Otok, Long Island

Dugi Otok, Long Island, island in Croatia

Located off the Dalmatian coast, Dugi Otok is a Zadarian island whose name is Croatian for “Long Island“, dubbed so because of its long and thin shape–the island is almost 28 miles long, but only three miles wide. Despite this distinct shape, it is actually not even the longest island in the country, leaving even more explorations to aspire to. Exploring this island is even more interesting because of its 12 villages, each with its own unique personality. Dugi Otok, with its serene nature and quiet ambiance, is the ideal place for true, all-encompassing relaxation–inside and out.

Kornati National Park and the Island of Zut

Kornati National Park and the Island of Zut, Croatia

Only watercraft are able to explore the hidden maze of islets and channels that comprise the Kornati islands. Their proprietors have accessed them for ages using small, adaptable fishing boats. Today, boats and yachts are the best way to explore this special place. Kornati is a haven for foodies and is known for its food scene, with some of the best restaurants in the area.

The Island of Zlarin

Zlarin, island in Croatia

Since Zlarin has been known to harvest and process coral since the 1400s–a true testament to the rich history of Croatia–it is logical that the island is famed for its coral. This quaint and quiet island is also known for its tranquility–no cars are allowed there–therefore making it the perfect place to enjoy some literal peace and quiet.

The Island of Olib

Olib, island in Croatia

Much like on a high-end resort, the most popular way to get around on Olib is by golf cart. Not surprisingly, these fun and easy-to-use vehicles were brought over by American tourists who fell in love with this Croatian island located in northern Dalmatia. On a yacht charter vacation, visit Slatanica Bay, a popular beach and destination among tourists and sailors alike for its crystalline waters and stunning views of the Croatian shoreline.

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